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Monday, January 31, 2005

Welcome... to me

Hello out there in the great internet universe. It is I, hereby known as mamaramma saying, "What's going on?" I was just inspired by and thought I'd try my hand at this. While I'm supercritical of everything about myself, including, but not limited to, my writing, I'm comforted by the fact that probably no one will ever read this. Well, no one I know, at least. If they do, ummm..., hi.
About myself: I am a first time mom of a beautiful baby girl - I'll call her Little Bird - she's 9.5 months old now which means that she's spent as much time in this world outside of my belly as inside of it. So congratulations to her for that. I'm married to a wonderful man who loves me despite my bouts of craziness and supercritical nit picking fests, and who is basically supporting me and the aforementioned milk consumer singlehandedly. Until Little Bird was born, I had been making my living off of acting here in Chicago, but that all came to a grinding halt with the need to stay home with L.B.
My husband is also an actor who is morphing into a teacher, and if all goes well, we may be spending the next 2 years in South Dakota on some impoverished reservation teaching for the pubic schools there... that's if all goes WELL! I need to morph into something quick, and maybe this will help me figure it out.
So... we'll see where this goes.
That's all for now.

Welcome... to me


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