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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Of Plagues and Pleasure

Last night was the best night of my life.
Our Little Bird discovered Ring Around the Rosey. You know - that old Black Death-era ditty that rhymes about the sores people get from the plague, how they put poseys in their pockets to mask the smell, and then they all fall down and DIE? That one.
We've been working with her on her gross motor skills since she is perfectly content to sit in one location and have us bring her toys all day long. So, last night, we started singing that song, holding hands and standing in a circle. Well, she was standing. Her father and I were towering over her on our knees. After making her fall on her butt about 27 times, the spirit took over in her, and she wanted to do it herself OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!
Every time she'd fall down, she'd grab my hands again and try to pull her self up, then sing in her babbling way, and fall down way too early - somewhere during the line: Ring around the rosey. So yeah, pretty early.
It didn't matter.
She had learned how to fall down on her butt (a major step, really). And she was singing.
At one point, while we were singing, she pointed to the rings on my finger. I said, "Yes! Rings!" And then I caught myself and said to W. with disappointment, "Oh, Man! Now she's going to think this is a song about rings on your finger."
As if I'd want her to picture the REAL rings this song was about.
Ah, beautiful beautiful Black Death.

Of Plagues and Pleasure


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