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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I'm going to start using real names now. I figure I'm not saying anything I wouldn't say to anyone, so why not?

Anyway, Will and I both applied for Teach for America last month, and today is the day they send out notifications letting you know whether or not they want to see you for an interview based on your essays and resume, etc. It's usually a job that recent college grads apply for, but us being actors who now have a baby need to really quickly turn into people who have insurance.
I'm also getting ready to go to an audition in one of the suburbs an HOUR AWAY - hopefully to get cast in a little musical that would give me the privelege of driving TWO HOURS A DAY to get to the show. But we need some kind of employment for April when Will's show ends. We need to be people who have insurance!
Wish us luck.

By the by, Little Bird's real name is Maya Wren (hence the bird reference). I still call her Little Bird at home though. I love her so much.



At 6:25 AM, Anonymous kalki said...

I love the name Maya!

Best of luck with the employment opportunities...something always turns up!


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