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Monday, May 16, 2005


Hello all - Well, somehow we did it. We managed to fit a three bedroom apartment into a space that might, in any other situation, make a good sunroom... a SMALL sunroom. That sunroom was actually a Penske truck that is currently parked at some motel in Nebraska with my husband and father in law who are so kindly making the drive out to Las Vegas for the exciting reward of moving all that stuff into a storage facility. Hey! Nobody ever said we don't know how to live. it. up. Some people go to Vegas for the Strip and the gambling. My husband and his dad go for the good times that come with moving large heavy boxes and sleeper sofas.
Question: if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, are our future masters degrees going to be worth a damn in any other city? What if we have another baby there? I'd like to keep all my children. Thank God Maya happened in Chicago. I just feel so sad for her little brother or sister; I mean, I'm not staying in Vegas forever. I hope they like it!
Now I'm sitting in my parents' basement while Maya probably is having nightmares about this new sleeping situation. She likes the familiar, my friend. She likes the familiar. We're here until Will flies back in on Friday at which point we'll all drive out to Montana. God love Will. Poor guy has to drive 27 hours to Vegas, fly back, and then drive 24 hours to Montana with, very likely, an unhappy baby, an uncomfortable dog, and a wife who will be engrossed in Travel Yahtzee. (Have you tried it? It's addicting, I tell you!)
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Thursday, May 12, 2005


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Proof positive that things are moving along. Don't have much time to update here, but I wanted to check in and say... I'm not dead! I should have more time to update next week when I'm at my parents' for the week!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Like sands through the hourglass...

People, time is running out! I love you people - friends of mine in Chicago - but I don't have time to see all of you individually anymore. We have to pack! do you hear me? We HAVE TO PACK! Things are getting desperate around here. We have to take the dog in to get some shots. Will has to take the Praxis and apply to UNLV and apply for financial aid. ARGHH. In addition to Maya, we're watching another little guy every day, and babies don't like to pack! Scratch that. Babies LOVE packing tape, and the crinkly crunching of newspaper around SHARP and DEADLY if dropped martini glasses, but Mamas and Dadas don't like babies to pack!
Apparently, babies don't like to take naps anymore, because as I write this, Maya awakes after 23 minutes of sleeping. More later!

Like sands through the hourglass...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Las Vegas or Bust!

Two years ago this coming July, things were going pretty well. Will and I had both joined Actors Equity, the theater actors' union, we were both making our livings only from theater, we had lots of time to spend with each other, we just got sweet little dog and named her Ollie, and best of all, I found out I was pregnant. But when you're an actor, and you find out you're pregnant, you also learn that you won't be working in theater again for at least another year. And when you're an actor and you learn that you're going to be a new dad, you start to worry about where the next job is going to come from. Some of the best jobs in Chicago only last 2 and a half months, and that doesn't speak much for job security.

So we found side jobs here and there to help make ends meet, to help prepare for this wonder we now know as "Crazy Maya". We moved into a bigger apartment. Will was able to keep acting while doing some accounting work on the side. We worked it out. We could do this as actors. We could do anything.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Maya was born, and the world rocked a little for us. When I held this 8 pound, 4 ounce little girl on my chest for the first time, I felt the weight of the future. It was decided, then, for us that our lives would forever change.

Will and I are giving up the theatre life for awhile to pursue something that we know will help Maya have a better life in the future. As I've reported here before, we've been accepted into Teach for America , and we've been assigned to the Las Vegas Valley. Will will become a special education teacher this year, and I will join the program next year so that Maya doesn't have to experience the electric shock of having both parents absent during the 5 week training period at the same time, which I hear can go from 6:00a.m. to 12:00a.m. 5 days a week. This is a wonderful program that does everything in its power to help the disadvantaged kids do just as well as their counterparts in the "good" schools. I know we're going to miss our friends, our lives here, and our careers. But to our friends and our careers, we're just saying "Bye for now". To Chicago, we're kind of saying, "So long, sucka!" (We've never really loved Chicago.)

We leave in mid-May for a detour in Montana (MY FAVORITE STATE - DID YOU KNOW???) so that Will can work a month for Montana Shakespeare in the Parks and Maya and I can backpack around the trails and waterfalls. Then it's off to L.A. for 5 weeks of training for Will and lots of thumb twiddling time for me and Maya. (sensing a pattern here?) Then off to Vegas for good in August, just in time to experience the 104 degree average high of August.

I'm not sure what my computer access will be like during this transition, but I will try to keep in touch as much as possible. I'm afraid my picture downloading capabilities will take a big hit.

So that's our story and we're sticking to it. If you've made it this far into this post, all I can say is, "Wow - You like me! You really like me!"

Sorry to ramble on so.

Las Vegas or Bust!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Excuse me, while I kiss this guy!

Maya has always been very affectionate. I thought it was hunger that kept her suckling at my breast the first night of her life for 4 LONG HOURS. Apparently, it was a need to cuddle. I was a new mother. I was learning. I'm still learning. I'm happy to say that weaning issues aside, she is still a very affectionate and cuddling little girl. WHAT? You'd like proof, you say? Well, lucky you. You've come to the right place. I Mamaramma, hereby present my case.


Here's a picture of Maya with a playmate. A mobile playmate. Granted, one may argue that she is trying to cull some of his locomotive powers through osmosis, but I think she's just showing a little love.


Here she is again with the same playmate. He's settled down for a snack, but that doesn't stop her from trying to get a little sugar. Note the surprise on his face. He is not used to such forward women; I can tell.


Here she is with a younger babe; the daughter of a good friend of mine. OK, the camera is taking a lot of her attention, but she is not so distracted to forget to help support the drooping baby. Cuddling in action!


AHA! The babe droops some more. Maya abandons fame for a little volunteer work. What a do-gooder!


Now this is where things get weird. Here she is with another buddy who is younger and more vulnerable. As soon as I let her get near him, though, she attacked. Check out his face. I think he's enjoying the attack! But wait. Things do get weirder:


I caught this shot while babysitting for this little boy one day. I don't think he knew what hit him. Maya may have a career ahead of her in women's football 18 years from now.


I think this move is illegal, though.


I should have seen it coming. This is how she was kissing her father 8 months ago.

And there you have it: my bear-huggin' little girl. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Excuse me, while I kiss this guy!

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