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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

we're still here!

sorry this will be sloppy! i'm at a kinkos in bozeman, mt with a fussy maya on my lap (who took her first steps thursday!) and her happy time is fading fast! we have no internet access where we're staying and when will's not working, i try to spend as much time with him as possible - so getting away to a computer center is difficult right now! Anyway- i miss you all, and so much has happened. we're out of chjicago - drove three days out west where maya and ollie proved themselves to be excellent travelliung companions! stopped in deadwood and had dinner at the gem saloon. here in bozeman, will's working for shakespeare in the parks, and maya and i are getting in as much hiking as possible. it's so beautiful out here - i can't say enough about it. i'll post pictures later - much later. feeling healthy and happy and even a little tan! i'll try to check in soon!

we're still here!

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