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Friday, September 02, 2005

The Gap

Is it striking to anyone else that when you see all of the footage at the Superdome in N.O., almost everyone who ended up there is black while almost everyone being triaged at the airport/makeshift hospital is white? Not to diminish their suffering. It is real and tragic and horrible. But this hurricane is showing us what we have always known, but what we rarely choose to talk about. I wish the media would just come out and say it so that we could acknowledge it, and then someone in the government would have to take responsibility for it. Not to preach. I am just as guilty living in comfort with three meals a day, a car, a job, etc... too many toys for my daughter. Cable television for me and my husband. I just want the country as a whole to own up to the epidemic problem of poverty and socio-economic disparity that is all around almost all of us every day - especially those of us in big cities. We have just come to accept it, and I think that's horribly, horribly wrong.

Sorry for the downer. I'll get back to toddler talk very soon.

The Gap

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rehearsing for her new back up singer job.

What the...?
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Rehearsing for her new back up singer job.

I Like the Way You Move

Is it parental pride or plain old neediness that makes me do the things I do. Maya had her first check-up with her new Las Vegan (I have no idea if she's a vegan or not, but I'll make a point to ask next time) pediatrician. She's going down the checklist asking me all the relevant questions - I have no good answers for the questions she asks.

DR: Does she have a good appetite?
Me: No, not unless eating for about 3 minutes a day constitutes a good appetite. (And it's 90% mac and cheese, people. KRAFT mac and cheese. )

Dr: Does she eat green vegetables?
Me: (I'm trying to remember the last time she didn't spit a vegetable out of her mouth of any color) No, not very much.

Dr.: Does she drink a lot of water or juice in the day?
Me: Like, 4 oz. (But she nurses the life force out of me -does that count for anything? I drink LOTS of water a day and still go to bed feeling dehydrated. The water must go straight from the Brita to my belly to my breasts to Maya to her heavy diapers, and sometimes if I've forgotten to hide the garbage, to our dog.)

When it becomes obvious that she's not going to ask me the questions I WANT to answer, I just offer it up.

Me: But she knows, like, 150 words, 30 phrases or sentences, can sing the alphabet song and can count to ten.

Dr: Mmmhmmm. Well, I'm going to send someone in to test the iron in her blood, and then we'll see you again at 18 months.

Then I just feel plain stupid.

Somehow, Maya eked by the whole iron test. She must be getting some from the dog food she steals or she's getting take out at night while we sleep, cause I can't remember the last time she ate anything with it.

After being pricked and prodded, she grumpily tried to fall asleep in the car on the way home which is death to her home nap. So I kept her awake with some OutKast which she LOVES. She sung along, "I like waaaaaayy moooove" and I thought, she's doing OK. But maybe we'll start taking some vitamins.

I Like the Way You Move

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